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Ronix Modello Skimmer Surfer - Black/Green/Yellow/Orange

Year: 2022Ronix
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Modell R22-WS-MOD

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A board that makes 360’s easier and has more stability than a traditional skimmer. The Modello skimmer is a perfect shape for skim purists. Mount all 3 fins and you’ll have the stability of a traditional surfer. Coming in at our best value with the durability you would expect from a wakeboard. For 2022 we added a thinner / shorter 4’5” model.


  • Performance - Intermediate
  • Construction - Modello. Less prone to dings, and more connection to the water.
  • Thickness - Thin. Sits deeper with more contact with the water, relying more on the rail and less on the fin.
  • Rail - Hard. High Speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas.


  • 2 – 2.3” Alfred Fins
  • 1 – 2.9” Alfred Fins
  • Machined EVA Front / Rear Pad
  • Lava Resin
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Core Vents