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Mens 3mm Wetsuits

A lightweight option for warmer weather and mild water temperatures, a 3mm wetsuit is perfect for the summer. In the UK and northern Europe, one of these wetsuits is good during the warmest months of the year. On the other hand, if you're hitting the waves in southern Europe, you might enjoy a men's 3mm wetsuit for longer. These lightweight wetsuits are usually flatlock stitched. This means that they're not watertight, but their seams are particularly strong. Blind Stitched 3mm wetsuits are also available. These are warmer than the flatlock options. Lightweight and flexible, these wetsuits are comfortable to wear, and won't restrict your movement in any way. 3mm men's wetsuits are also a popular choice for triathletes, as they allow total flexibility and freedom of movement when you're swimming. A 3mm wetsuit top and separate shorts are particularly popular in these events. This way, you'll find it faster to get changed when the swimming part of the triathlon is done, making it easier to get ready to move on to the cycling portion. Our range of men's 3mm wetsuits includes full wetsuits, as well as wetsuit shorts and tops, so you should be able to find what you need for your summer watersports.

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