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Canoe & Kayak Backpacks & Drybags

In order to fully enjoy your paddling experience, you need to know that your personal kit is safe and secure on your canoe or kayak. Our great range of backpacks and drybags offer everything you need to keep your belongings dry, whether it's your food, clothes, or electronics. You can even find a range of dedicated first aid bags, which are specially marked so that you can easily spot them in a time of crisis.

Our bags come in a great range of sizes, with our individual bags available in everything from 6 litres right up to 90 litres. We also stock a number of multi-bag sets, which provide the perfect solution to keep your kit dry, while staying coordinated and stylish. A perfect choice for families or groups, select the colour of your choice to ensure you can always tell who each bag belongs to.

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