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Kayak Paddles & Accessories

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of kayak and canoe paddles, with options available in both adult and child sizes. We stock a range of suppliers, with choices suitable for all different budgets. You can find an extensive selection of canoe paddles, sold individually, in a range of lengths.

Our child-friendly paddles are specifically designed to be suitable for smaller paddlers. They are shorter in length, and lighter - making them easier for a child to handle.

Coast Water Sports kayak paddles are sold as two or four-piece sets, which are easy to assemble. All of our paddles are light but strong, meaning they are resilient and easy to transport. Strong and durable, you can find paddles in a range of materials including fibreglass, wood and laminate. Many of our paddle blades are available in a selection of different colours - so please check out the individual product descriptions to find out more.

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