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Yachting Socks

Achieving peak performance is all about feeling your best. When you take your vessel out onto the open waters, ensure you have the comfort and support of a pair of reliable yachting socks so nothing distracts you from feeling the wind through your hair.

Our range of yachting socks come in a variety of styles. Choose from ankle-cut yacht socks for summer wear with deck shoes, to above-ankle yacht socks for year-round comfort, and calf-length yachting socks for wear with boots to protect the upper leg from the discomfort of chafing.

We stock yachting socks in a variety of materials too, whether you require waterproof yacht socks that provide a protective barrier against sea spray and deck water to keep you dry, or those with thermal properties such as merino wool, designed to insulate you against the cold conditions out on the open sea.

In a range of sizes and practical shades from some of the leading brands in sailing sportswear, find the perfect yachting socks for your needs in our range.

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