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Mens Wetsuit Shorts & Trousers

For any and all water sports activities, it’s of utmost importance to stay warm and protected from the elements for safety and comfort. Our great range of men's wetsuit shorts and trousers provide a versatile and comfortable way to stay warm in the water. High-quality neoprene and intelligently placed panels allow for total rotational movement, meaning less restrictions for you and a better sporting experience. They won’t compromise on your safety, allowing for buoyancy and prolonged warmth when submerged in low temperatures or rough conditions. From sailing shorts for the bold adventurer to men's wetsuit pants for the cold water swimmer, don’t let your equipment hold you back. Investing in a high-quality pair of men's wetsuit trousers will pay off dividends, giving you long-lasting usage and improving the quality of your experience whether you're training, competing, or just enjoying some leisure time. For best results and to get the most out of your purchase, always wash your shorts or trousers with fresh water after use. Submerge in a bath or rinse in the shower - do not machine wash or use soap. Ensure they dry completely after rinsing to avoid damage to the fabric.

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