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Mens Long John Wetsuits

Men’s long john wetsuits are wetsuits that offer full body coverage with the advantage of open arms. They are perfect for water sports such as kayaking, swimming, surfing and water aerobics. The uncovered arms allow upper body movement, giving men a better range of motion in the shoulder and chest areas. First time users are also likely to feel less constricted since the long john wetsuit rests comfortably on the upper body. Men’s long john wetsuits provide warmth in cool water conditions, due to the neoprene material that comes in both the 2mm and 3mm selections. The neoprene makes the wetsuits durable and flexible, ensuring that they last for a long time. They're also suitable for warm weather since the armholes allow the arms and shoulders to cool the body. In addition to this, long john wetsuits are also easy to put on and remove, providing a fast transition as you pull down the wetsuit to the waist and out of the leg holes. Long john wetsuits are diverse, from the Gill Race Firecell Wetsuit Skiff in graphite, to the Yak Zip-Up Long John Kayaking Wetsuit as well as the Typhoon Swarm Wetsuit.

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