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Womens Shorty Wetsuits

If you're a fan of swimming, surfing or any other water sport in warm weather, a shorty wetsuit will most likely be perfect for you! Warm water and hot climates can make wearing a full wetsuit unbearable, making a shorty wetsuit the perfect alternative. Although they are shorter than standard wetsuits, shorty wetsuits are available with as many innovative features and in as many styles as standard wetsuits. Shorty wetsuits are able to regulate your body temperature, ensuring you stay cool under the sun and can continue to perform to your best ability, without feeling uncomfortable. From sleeveless to above the knee suits, we offer wetsuits in a number of styles so finding your perfect suit is easy! Although our shorty wetsuits are incredibly functional and practical, they are equally stylish and comfortable, ensuring you can surf and swim to your best ability. When the ocean calls you don't want to be held back by a slow-drying or uncomfortable wetsuit, so making an investment into a quality shorty wetsuit is making an investment into your own abilities and future potential.

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