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Womens 4mm Wetsuits

Designed to give you the most comfort while also allowing you to move freely, these flexible 4mm women’s wetsuits help you withstand even chillier waters. This way, you can stay in the water for longer, at any time of the year. Offering a wide selection of different sizes, we bring you the wetsuits from top manufacturers such as Animal, Gul, Magic Marine, Mystic and Rip Curl. They all feature the latest technology, providing wetsuits which cater to all your needs. As well as front or back zips, you can choose wetsuits with or without sleeves from a variety of colours and patterns. They help you express your personal style and keep you warm at the same time. Thanks to the cutting-edge neoprene technology, these wetsuits give you unrestrained movement and admirable flexibility for all your fun water activities. It also means that the suits are well-protected against the board and rough surfaces damage, especially across sensitive areas like the shins or knees. Super-soft materials ensure a flawless fit, with no skin irritation or discomfort. Most of the wetsuits include a core central heating system, which help you maximise performance while keeping you protected, dry and warm. A protective mesh featured in several models on the chest and back resists wind chill.

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