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Canoe & Kayak Drysuits

When you’re living life to the limit, you’ll want to ensure that you stay comfortable and as dry and warm as possible – even in cold water and low temperatures. With our range of kayak and canoe drysuits designed to suit all sporting and recreational requirements, you can ensure that you’re ready to take to the water whatever the conditions. Whether you’re rolling in the roughest river rapids or taking it easy on a lake, you can have complete peace of mind wearing one of our white water kayak drysuits, which are manufactured from breathable extra-tough fabrics.

Our selection features premium drysuits with neck and wrist seals to keep water locked out. This ensures you’ll stay as comfortable as possible while in the surf. We’ve hand-selected kayak and canoe drysuits from some of the best manufacturers in the industry including Typhoon, Gul and Palm, and each of these garments has been optimised for comfort and all-weather performance.

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