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Womens Wetsuit Jackets & Tops

Separate wetsuit jackets and tops are designed to offer layers of stylish protection which can be easily removed when out of the water. They give you the freedom to move in and out of the water without having to remove a full wetsuit. These garments are popular in tropical climates where the temperature on land is hot but there is still a need to keep warm in the sea. They are also useful for early morning surfers who need to be protected from cool winds. Made from the latest neoprene technology these jackets and tops are specifically designed for women and come in a range of styles and colours. From sleeveless crop tops perfect for swimming and snorkelling to full sleeve jackets suitable for scuba diving. At Coast Water Sports we stock one of the largest selections of women’s wetsuit jackets and tops in the UK. We supply all the leading brands including Gul, Mystic, Neil Pryde and Zhik. So no matter what type of watersports you do, we have a wetsuit jacket suitable.

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