Diving Wetsuits for Scuba Diving
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Coast Water Sports | Tolle Angebote für Segelbekleidung | Trockenanzüge und Wassersportausrüstung
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Beuchat Womens Focea Comfort 6mm Diving Wetsuit

Model: B-53950Beuchat
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Modell B-53950

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The Focea Comfort range has been acclaimed as the finest diving apparel in the world

Now Beuchat’s new Focea Comfort 6 offers even more improvements in terms of comfort, warmth and resistance !

Maximum comfort thanks to its anatomical cut, high quality pre-forming, ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene, Flex System and Free Flex Zone

Maximum warmth with its Fireskin lining and the Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) to prevent the inflow of water

Maximum resistance with Supratex 2 kneepads plus further reinforcements at the shoulders, legs and seat.

Beuchat, inventor of the isothermal wetsuit

Georges Beuchat creator of the company was an emblematic pioneer of underwater activities. He naturally tried to protect himself from the cold during diving. This is the way that after several experimentations, led in the creeks of Marseille, he invents in 1953 the isothermal wetsuit.

This fundamental invention has played a key role in the development of underwater activities. And more than sixty years later, its bases remain valid although materials and methods evolved.


Mens’ version in black, trimmed with imprints and zips in yellow fluo (lime) plus Black Shield protection for the shoulders, legs and seat.

Anatomical cut

  • Exclusive new high quality pre-forming for an anatomical cut ensuring maximum comfort, protection and ease of movement. 
  • One-piece with collar: 44 panels and 20 different neoprene grades 

Flex System 2

  • Flex System 2: pre-forming, with special wide embossing at articulations for greater freedom of movement (inside the elbows and behind the knees) 
  • Seamless stretch panels at articulations to reduce abrasion (armpits, inside elbows and behind knees) 
  • High quality pre-forming for the curvature of the lower back and crotch to give a snugger-fitting anatomical suit 
  • Lower back stretch panel
  • Elaskin 8.8 stretch panel in the lumbar region offers improved flexibility around the rear zip fastener for improved comfort especially when bending down to prepare and/or fit equipment, especially out of the water.

Free Flex Zone

  • The Free Flex Zone located around the shoulders and the back ensures flexibility at the junction of the torso and the arms to offer greater freedom of movement. 


  • Fireskin is a warm, water repellent fabric with a specially structured weave that offers a high degree of thermal protection.


  • Supratex 2 kneepads (10% more flexible than Supratex but just as resistant) to ensure better durability and flexibility 
  • Reinforced seat 
  • PU Black Shield protective panels on the shoulders, legs and seat


  • Thinner seamless face seal (-2 mm) on the one-piece with collar ensuring improved comfort, water tightness and durability 
  • Smooth inside collar giving a better seal with micro-adjustable closure by a non-aggressive elastic fastener that does not stick to the jersey or stitching 
  • Zippered double wrist and ankle seals incorporating a reversible inner seal with a jersey lining and smooth neoprene exterior 
  • 45° notches on the inner seal edge-bonding seam to provide more elasticity and strength during dressing 


  • Large zipped neck opening fitted with an Elaskin gusset incorporating an anatomical cut on the hoodless one-piece for better comfort 
  • Large G-Lock plus back zip (one-piece with collar) with metal slider and embossed Water Dam System cover for a better seal (Beuchat patent) 
  • Zipped wrists and ankles 
  • Neoprene reinforcements at the ends of all the zips to avoid any risk of tearing should the sliders be subject to undue force.

Finishing at extremities of zips

  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with outer and inner overlock 
  • Outer seal edges bordered for greater strength 
  • Inner seal edges notched for improved flexibility 

Universal computer holder

  • Original Beuchat system designed to hold the dive computer in place on the suit, particularly during deep dives (system compatible with all dive computer models)
  • Original Focea Comfort hologram
  • Positioned on the right forearm


  • Type: Wetsuit
  • To use: Cold water or temperate
  • Neoprene: Elaskin X 8.8
  • Reinforcements: Supratex 2
  • Flex System 2: ✔
  • Fireskin: ✔
  • Water Dam System: ✔
  • Universal Computer Holde:r ✔
  • Air Escape System: ✔
  • Equalizing System: ✔
  • Hood Holder: ✔
  • High Quality Preformed: ✔
  • Material: Jersey inside
  • Norme EN 14225-1 CLASS B (Temp. 10 - 18°C)