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Coast Water Sports | Tolle Angebote für Segelbekleidung | Trockenanzüge und Wassersportausrüstung
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HO Sports Syndicate Works 02 Waterski - Grey

HO Sports
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HO Sports Syndicate Works 01 Waterski - BlackHO Sports Syndicate Works 02 Waterski - Grey
Modell H23WRK-02

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The Syndicate Works 02 has a wide forebody, giving the skier great support and a stable platform to stand on. The wider forebody is balanced with a high-volume concave and a more aggressive tip rocker for increased maneuverability, good acceleration, tight wrapping turn on the finish of the buoy.

Syndicate Works is a factory-run, competition ski program. Works skis are 100% performance-driven, employing classic ski construction, but with modern materials. Syndicate Works begins a new era of ski customization for competitive water skiers. The Works program gives competitors access to tailored Syndicate skis previously reserved for Syndicate athletes. All Syndicate Works skis are engineered and handcrafted outside Seattle, Washington.

Key Features

  • Wide Forebody: Support and Stability
  • High Tip Rocker Design: More Aggressive Turn Initiation
  • High Volume Concave: Increased Downforce for Stability and Drive

Ski Sizing Guide

  • 65" 34 MPH UP TO 130 LBS. | 36 MPH 120 LBS - 150 LBS.
  • 66" 34 MPH 130 LBS - 160 LBS. | 36 MPH 150 LBS - 180 LBS
  • 67" 34 MPH 160 LBS - 190 LBS. | 36 MPH 180 LBS - 210 LBS.
  • 68” 34 MPH OVER 190 LBS. | 36 MPH OVER 210 LBS

More Features:

Works Construction:

  • Bio Resin: 35% Natural Glycerin Resin, a by-product of biodiesel production
  • Syndicate Core: Cross-linked structural foam for high responsiveness
  • NO PLASTIC LAYERS! We've removed the traditional plastic top & base materials, reducing this ski's plastic footprint to virtually zero!
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Laminates: Highest stiffness to weight ratio
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin
  • Made in Seattle, WA USA