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Kite Repair Tape

The kitesurf repair tape is a fast-acting tape to help you do quick repairs to spinnaker nylon. Available in an extensive range of colours, this tear resistant adhesive rip-stop tape is perfect for sailing or kitesurfing. The roll is 150mm wide and allows you to quickly fix any small rips or tears in your sails when out on the water or back onshore. The quick application means you can fix minor problems before they get bigger and more expensive.

Quickly complete on the spot repairs by applying the tape to the nylon, making sure the surface is as dry as possible. Tape should be applied to both sides of the sail to ensure a strong, long-lasting repair. The high-quality PSP kitesurf tape is made for the marine world, so you know you are getting a top brand for kitesurf repairs.

With a wide range of colours, including fluorescent options, you can find use the repair tape to perfectly match the nylon for a discreet repair. The repair tape is an essential part of any kitesurfing repair kit, giving you everything you need to keep your equipment working properly and to handle any repairs quickly.

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