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Kitesurf Board Traction Pads

There’s nothing more gripping than a day on and above the waves. But without the right grip traction and board control, you may as well wave away that perfect kitesurfing session.

At Coast Water Sports we have a wide selection of high-performance kitesurfing traction pads, in a variety of materials and styles, to cushion rough landings and keep your feet on the board.

Whether you are looking for a stubby shape tailpad for your backfoot, or a full-traction, six-pack configuration covering the front, back and middle of your board, we have all the comfort and kit you need to support your best ride.

The moulded, anti-slip, shock-absorbing products we offer are simple to install on your board. They come with easy-peel adhesive backing using some of the strongest glue on the market. Simply prepare your board, removing old pads and wax, and place your pads as instructed (if you use foot-straps you can leave a gap down the stringer of your board).

Our kitesurfing traction pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer features like dual-density materials for added control and comfort, or uni-directional traction groove patterns to keep your feet locked in. Our products have been designed for kiteboarders, crafted in special kiteboard-formulated EVA foam, for the optimal ride, whatever the elements throw at you.

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